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Joe Bangay © Joe Bangay After being turned down as a football player by Arsenal, Joe Bangay joined the Royal Air Force where in later years he was an intelligence expert and a camera became part of his kit.

He was on active service in Borneo when he helped the Daily Express team out of trouble, as a result of which they offered him a job when he retired. He left the service in 1968 and started as a freelance on the Daily Express

His photographs represent his work on Fleet Street and national newspapers and magazines up to the present day. He can still be seen snapping away at concerts and sports events.

He was a columnist on Womens Weekly, Woman & Home, and wrote for the Daily Express and the Daily Mail. He also wrote a book about The Tube TV show where he worked closely with Jools Holland and Paula Yates.

In the 70's he worked as a special photographer on most of the big films before switching to rock and roll on his 50th birthday.

He gives lectures to associations and camera clubs all over the country. His amusing commentary about adventures in Britain and around the world as a photographer grip his audiences.

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