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Joe's pictures are in various exhibitions this summer.

Fifty of them will be exhibited at the "Rock and Roll" show at:
The Cobden Club, 170 Kensal Road, Nottinghill Gate, London W10
From the 22nd of April for three weeks.

A slightly different selection will be in the "Rock and Romance" show at:
The Bloxham Gallery, 129 St Johns Hill, London SW11.
From 29th May.

Later there will be an exhibition of his ballet pictures, from Nureyev and Fonteyn in the 70's to Roja, Acosta and Bussell in this century, arrangements for which have yet to be finalised.

Admission to these exhibitions is free.

Following a massively successful sale of Joe Bangay's photographs shown at the Bloxham gallery in London last year, the photographer, in partnership with Apollo Imaging of Ruskington, has decided to release the limited edition collection for general sale worldwide. Apollo produced the prints for the Bloxham show.

The images featured on this page are just four of the images available.

For further information please contact Apollo Imaging on 01526 834433 or

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