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the best of modern poetry

Stonebridge Books specialise in publishing poetry collections, and aim to bring to you the very best in modern poetry. Our authors are, for the most part, performance poets, who not only write poetry but also regulary give readings of their work to interested audiences. You can get more information by clicking Performances.

You will find individual collections listed in The Poetry Catalogue, along with information about the writers and links to pages where you can sample the contents of each volume.

The Cuirt Journals are published as part of the internationally renowned Cuirt Festival which is held in Galway, in Ireland, every April. So far, Stonebridge has published three volumes and these contain poetry, short stories, and excerpts from novels from all around the world. There are more details about how to submit your own work for inclusion in the Journals on the Cuirt Journals page.

You can order individual copies of any of the books in the catalogue by following the instructions on the Ordering Books page, or by placing your order directly with your local bookshop.

Now, click the Poetry Catalogue, and enjoy yourself!