Plumett has designed, developed and manufactured a range of air launchers. These launchers have been in production for 15 years and are in use around the world.

The compressed air powered launchers are for grapnels, lines and projectiles suitable for defence, rescue and hazardous area operations. Repeatable firings come from a rechargeable air cylinder. Being powered entirely by compressed air the AL-50 series of airlauncher do not generate any smoke, heat or flash signature. Click on the appropriate picture for more detail.

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Click here for more details... AL 54. Shoulder fired for lightweight grapnel with climbing rope. Submersible to 10 meters.
Click here for more details... AL 51. Base fired for lines and projectiles. Suitable for marine line throwing and traversing difficult terrain.
Click here for more details... AL 52. Base mounted with bipod legs for throwing heavier payloads.
Click here for more details... AL 80. Larger bore base mounted for throwing extra large payloads.

Typical Applications

  • Covert Military Applications

  • Ship-to-ship, ship-to-shore.

  • Inshore rescue.

  • Cliff and building rescue/retrieval.

  • Traversing difficult terrain.

General Specifications

  • Construction from high quality black anodized aluminum and stainless steel.

  • 50mm caliber. Muzzle energy 2kJ.

  • Operating pressure 160bar (max. 210 bar).

  • Safety catch and pressure dump valve.

  • 3 full firings from 0.5litre cylinder (250 bar)

  • Cylinders rechargeable and replaceable.

  • Rope storage canister and rope flaking frame.

  • Projectile seals, lubricant and seal bolts.

  • Robust carrying case.


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