Slave Ships

THIS IS A LIST OF NAMES OF SLAVE SHIPS The list was written on the walls of the Barn Theatre New Kingston Jamaica to support the play THE TRIAL OF ONE SHORT SIGHTED BLACK WOMAN, held at the Barn Theatre in New Kingston Jamaica. The Play was excellent and focused on Black peoples as yet untold story.

Ship Name Ship Name
The Brigantine Sanderson Slave Ship The Ferris
The Amistad The Leons
The Henry of London The Navigator
The Elizabeth The Phoenix
Fanny Butler American Slave Ship The Claytor
The Hector The Muhgel
The Gree The Dragon
The Baratoga The Gray Way
The Martha The Ruby
The Glorin The Caroline
The Corralline The Bark
The Brittany The Tiger Nanny of the Carlington
The Comet The Pinnace Swallow
The Alabama The Green Dragon
The Wonderer The Charles
The Henrietta Marie The Abel Aide
The Molly The Moon Tavern
The Sloop Slave Ship The Slan
The Molican The Hannibal of London
The Boa Morte The Jeffry
The River Volta Slave Ship The Little Fleet
The Lorboard The Meditteranean
The Elisee The Li Anelia
The Eagle The Solomon
The Agent Coker THE JESUS
THE LORD The New Tyre
The Colorado The Kaff
The Tar Tar The Mersey
The Morgan The Inbe
The Mizzer The Little
The Pangas The Napoleon
The Mary Baugh The Rainbow
The Surf The Enterprise
The Williamsbury The Katherine (carried 25,000 Africans)
The Liverpool The Bristol
The Marquis O Grady The Kambia
The Inbus The Ann owned by the US senate