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I work for Vistorm Ltd, where I am the technical architect for the company's managed security services.

Many years ago I used to be a Research Associate in the Computer Science Department of Manchester University, where I was part of a group working on asynchronous processor design.

Outside the day job I'm a dance caller working in a number of dance styles, regularly calling for local ceilidhs with a variety of bands, but specialising in contras. I've taught, run workshops and called dances at festivals such as Chippenham, IVFDF, Sidmouth, Lichfield, Eastbourne, Broadstairs and most exotically the twice at the Seattle Folk Life Festival.


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   Dr Rhodri M. Davies
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   Work:  NOSPAMrhodri.davies@vistorm.com (gets read all day every working day)
   Home:  NOSPAMme@rhodri.net (get read most evenings)

Rhod's Dance Page 

My major hobby is folk dancing. A couple of years ago I put together web resource on this with a variety of information (dates, databases, organisations, other links etc). I haven't been able to keep this up-to-date properly, but you may still find the information useful.

Family Pages

The obligatory family album for those who know me and my family.

Also, some members of my family have their own web pages: Rhianwen and Sioned

  Rhod Davies