The Davies Family and Friends Page

Here is the obligatory Internet photo album. Select the thumb nail for a larger image.

  Rhianwen and Carolyn in the padding pool  69 Kb
  Rhianwen and Eeyore  616 Kb
  Rhianwen and her godmother Rachel  27 Kb
  Rhianwen in full flight  75 Kb
  Rhianwen's 1999 nursery photo  13 Kb
  Rhiannon and Andrew at the ordination  34 Kb
  Rhianwen and her cousin Tom  30 Kb
  The Higson clan gathering for Tom's birthday 73 Kb
  Melandra's 10th anniversary gig  35 Kb
   Rhianwen (age 3 and a bit) 24K
   Grandpa, Rhianwen and Sioned (1 day old) (March 2000)  50K
   Rhianwen and Sioned (March 2000) 28K
   Sioned at 1 day old (March 2000)  36K
   Sioned when she got home (March 2000) 69K
   Our Cousin Medbh Johnson  30K