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Ray Price's Spiral Dance Page


Be aware that ceilidh is now used to mean several different things. The word is Gaelic in origin and means something to the effect of an event with music, dancing and singing and everyone joining in. The Scots spell it ceilidh and play Scottish music and do Scottish dances. The Irish have a ceili which means pretty much the same thing, but with Irish dance and music. The English have appropriated the word for the lively style of country dance that is currently popular. I've used it in the English sense of the word.

Manchester University Ceilidh Society
Sheffield University Ceilidh Society
Martin Kiff's Dance Page


OK, so not all the links under here are what an English dancer would call clogging, but at least Appalachian and tap are related to it.

International Tap Association
Touchwood Appalachian Dancers
See Philip Rowe's pages.

Contra Dance

Here are some links that have information about contra dancing, both traditional and contemporary.

Steve Allen's Dance Index
Cambridge Contra Dances
CDSS Home Page
Peter Olszowka's Boston Dance Pages
NEFFA Home Page
North West Folk Life Festival
Doug Plummer's Contra Dance Photos
Gary Shapiro's Dance Page
Kiran Wagle's Contra Dance Page

English Country Dance

These sites have information about English country dance, both what the English would call Playford (what the Americans would call English Country Dance) and other traditional English Styles (village dances etc).

CDSS Home Page
English Country Dance mailing list
EFDSS Home Page
Martin Kiff's Dance Page
Rhod's Dance Home Page

Irish Set Dancing



Ernie Cohen's Israeli Dance Page
Jeff Lerman's Israeli Dance Page

Morris Dance

All sorts of Morris. I don't know enough about the Morris to sort things further.

Martin Kiff's Dance Page
Morris Dancing Discussion List Home Page

Renaissance Dance

Society for Creative Anachronism Music and Dance Page


Scottish country dancing, though not necessarily RSCDS approved!

Edinburgh University New Scotland Country Dance Society
Newcastle University Scottish Country Dance Society

(Western) Square Dancing

Robert French's Western Square Dance Page
This page has a lot of information on western square dancing: the Callerlab lists and definitions of moves, other personal lists of moves, articles (some humorous) about square dancing, events, links to various club pages, square dance organisations, mailing lists, commercial organisations associated with square dancing, square dance software, plus a guest book. Basically if you are interested in modern square dancing you want to look at this page.


Lots of Styles

Here are some links that cover lots of different styles (and not just folk dance).

Steve Allen's Dance Index
Dancer's Archive
A gopher service with lots of information on many different styles of dance, archives of rec.folk-dancing (and the FDML), interesting articles culled from various news groups. Also some information on venues and events.
rec.folk-dancing news group.
European Dance Server
Folk Dance Mailing List
Yahoo's entertainment - dance
A searchable directory of links on all sorts of subject, with a section on dance, and pages on Morris, Scottish, square, contras etc etc.

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