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Cambridge Contra Dances
Fortnightly dance series in Cambridge. Contras, squares, triplets. Details of where, when and contra dance notations.


Cambridge University Round
The Cambridge University Folk Dance Society and what it is up to.


CDSS Home Page
This is the home page for the American organisation the Country Dance and Song Society. It has lots of information about the society, its aims, organisation, membership, publications etc.
EFDSS Home Page
Information about the English Folk Dance and Song Society, where it is based, what it does, how to join it etc.
Information about the InterVarsity Folk Dance Festival: the gathering of the UK university folk dance societies. Information about where it is for the next couple of years, links to the festivals for particular years and information on festivals past. Also links to some of the member societies.
Manchester University Ceilidh Society
Where they meet, what they do, what they got up to in the past.
Morris Dancing Discussion List Home Page
Information about MDDL the Morris Dancing Discussion List email group, how to subscribe to it etc. Also information gleaned from the list on Morris organisations, publications, discographies, supplies, pointers to online discussion groups, databases and lots more Morris web pages.
NEFFA Home Page
What is the New England Folk Festival Association? When and where is the next festival? What is the Schedule? Where will the Internet get together be?
New England Folk Arts Center
Based in Cambridge Massachusetts. Their page has details of their regular and special events and links to other information about dance around New England.
North West Folk Life Festival
Information on this Seattle based festival - where, when, who etc. Also lots of pictures from past festivals.
Society for Creative Anachronism Music and Dance Page
A very nice collection of information on renaissance dance (including early Playford), with music, period instruments, lots of dance notations, pointers to the renaissance dance mailing list and the Letter of Dance, and a start on an electronic version of first edition Playford.


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