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Steve Allen's Dance Index
This is just a collection of links to other dance web pages (schedules, resources the lot), but there are a lot of links here. If you can't find what you are looking for on this page or on Kiran's contra page, try this one.
Rhod Davies' Dance Page
Information about all sorts of dancing, including (eventually) notation, a big database, historical information on Playford, and the EFDSS home page.
Robert French's Western Square Dance Page
Martin Kiff's Dance Page
Martin has put together a lot of information on English ceilidh, Cajun, English Folk Dance, French Traditional Dance, Morris and others, but mainly English ceilidh. It includes festival details, events, band biographies etc. Look here for the best list of events in the UK.
Peter Olszowka's Boston Dance Pages
Ray Price's Spiral Dance Page
Ray teaches Breton dance and is also interested in French couple dance and other European circle dances. He has various bits of information about these dance traditions, particularly on where you can get involved in them in the U.S.
Doug Plummer's Contra Dance Photos
Philip Rowe's Knotted Chord Page
Philip has information on Knotted Chord, the band he leads. This includes their bookings, line up and a database of the tunes that they play. He also has information on the Touchwood Appalachian Dancers.

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