Dance Link Reviews: A to M
Dance information for various parts of the US (particularly New England?). Also has some band biographies -- look out for the Bare Necessities information. There is some good stuff here, but you may have to fight your way through some odd formatting and the links to other sites are not as rich as they might be. A work in progress?
Dance Flurry
Details of the Dance Flurry Festival in Saratoga, New York State. Includes schedules and what to do to get ticket information.
English Country Dance Mailing List .
This is a mailing list for discussing English Country Dance. It is read by many of the leading practitioners and researchers in this field, but is not gatewayed onto rec.folk-dancing. Be careful of the distinction between wheat American dancers consider to be English Country Dance and what the English Dancers automatically think it means. Both sides of the Atlantic are represented on this list. It has been getting rather less tolerant of late.

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Folk Dance Mailing List Archive
Before rec.folk-dancing there was the FDML, which sadly is no more :-(.  There is an archive of back copies of the FDML.