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This page is constantly under construction with updates and changes as the virtual dance world expands and evolves.

 If you have a new dance web page, or any good links that you think I should add, or find that any of these links are out of date, please let me know.

This list was getting too large for a single web page, so I've split it down into a series of smaller, more specific pages.

 This is a list of on-line dance information that I know about. Several of these are specifically linked from associated information in my dance pages, but here is the complete list.

 With the speed that dance web pages are appearing on the net there is not a hope that this (or any other list) will be totally comprehensive and up to date, but this should give you a good start. Many of the sites referenced here have links to other sites, so you can use this as a start point for your investigation of the virtual dance world.

 To make things a bit easier I've provided the links sorted in several ways. For most of the pages I have a short review. You can either look at that or jump straight to the destination.

By the nature of things, this sorting is fairly subjective, which is another way to say that I may have got it wrong. Some sites hold information that fits conveniently under several heading, in which case they appear several times.

 I've tried to provide a quick thumbnail sketch of what is at each remote link. Since each link may appear under several sort headings, many of the references on these pages will first jump to a different one of my link pages with the description of the information about that remote link, then from there you can follow the actual remote link.

Web Searches

There are hundreds if not thousands of folk-dance links on the web, so with the quantity and rate of expansion there is no way that my links pages can be comprehensive. If you can't find what you want on any of my pages, try one of the web search engines. A google search on "folk dance" reckons there are 53,700,000 hits on web pages!


Rhod Davies

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