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This is a collection of information about folk dancing that I have put together. The is very much a work in progress, and since folk-dancing is a living changing tradition, the information here will age and will need to be corrected and updated. If you spot anything wrong, please contact me.

Other dance web pages
Links to other web information on dance (mainly social folk dance).
A selection of quotes about dancing.
Biographies of people important in the dance world.
Dance Style
A collection of some notes about dance styling (what is the correct way of siding etc).
Dance History and Miscellanea
Mainly excerpts from interesting articles that have come my way. Things like the history of a particular dance, or the derivation of a dance term.
Dancing is too much fun to be taken seriously!
Manchester University Ceilidh Society
Some history on Manchester University's manic dancers - mainly of interest to those of us who were there at the time.
Rhod's Dance Database
Eventually you should be able to search my database for information about dances and associated music, but this is not implemented yet and at the current rate of change never will be.
Dance Notations
The notation (description) of some dances is on line.
Dance Organisations
Details of some of the main formal dance organisations.

To Be Done! The list of things that I am working on to add to/improve these pages. 

Rhod Davies

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