Things To Be Done

  • Continue the never-ending task of updating the files with new sources dances and music.
  • The ER diagram needs updating and converting into some more sensible source format thought pdf works well for the distribution.
  • On the ER diagram add the copies table and the tune number to the recording and check the diagram against the current state of the tables.
  • Assert change control.
  • Strip out personal data before release
  • Work through and activate the difference and version fields
  • Add copies and magazines to the diagrams, files lists, data dictionary and relation list
  • What to do about the bibtex system [database.bib] This file contains the bibliography for the database. It contains as much information as we have on the sources from which this database was compiled. This file can be used directly by those who have access to the ?? system, whilst others can use it as a text file.
  • Complete data dictionary: ??add all the other domains and sort them alphabetically??