Things to be Done

This is the list of things I think/plan to work on to add to and improve these pages.

  • Get more information on Cecil Sharp and a photo.
  • Add more information on Playford.
  • Link up to Martin's events schedules.
  • is there a general IVFDF home page?
  • integrate Rhod's gig list
  • integrate Melandra's gig list
  • Page on the English dancing master editions
  • Links to temple church from Playford pages
  • Reference from Playford to editions library list - move first edition into that files?
  • Get the database interface working
  • Complete working through the extra links on the links page
  • Check I have all the dance links in my hotlist on the links page
  • Get the notation side of things going.
  • Complete information on Prynne.
  • Add information on the inns of court.

This page last modified Sat Mar 25 2000

Rhod Davies

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