ZAFRA 2004 ReporT         



428 Marcelo Salado.
1539 has arrived from Luis Arcos Bergnes to join the museum operation.  Molasses tank duties are now usually confined to shunting.

433 Marta Abreu.
Fireless 1239 stored out of use.

434 Panchito Gomez Toro.
1626 sometimes in use on the shunt and to the adjacent LP.

437 Carlos Carraballo.
The overhaul of 1550 has been abandoned and the loco is now dumped outside the shed.

438 Ramon Ponciano.
1552 available for tourist duties. 1634 dumped.

440 Ifrain Alfonso.
Most of the line work was diesel, but 1635 was more frequently used than in 2003. This was often just to the first LP. 1636 continues to suffer problems although it was used at the Caibarien festival at the end of 2003. 1850 and 1910 are now both out of action with boiler plate problems.

441 Diez de Octubre.
The overhaul of 1639 has been completed and the loco saw use on pilot and line duties before suffering problems in March. 1661 was under overhaul.

443 Pepito Tey.
Now in it's second year, the tourist operation with 1236 & 1357 has become a firm favourite with visiting groups. However, permission has so far been denied for the instigation of a regular service for the many hotel visitors in the Cienfuegos area. The mill itself is being quickly dismantled.

449 George Washington.
0-4-0 tram back in position on the plinth.

503 Orlando Gonzales Ramirez.
1732 was the only steam loco available and suffered problems during March. 1836 has returned but was not available. 1837 was still under overhaul. 1563 has been sent to Patria mill for the tourist train operation. 1736 is still dismantled.

504 Ecuador.
1461/1821/1904 saw duties on line work and tourist trains if required.  1564 has been sent to Patria mill for the tourist train operation.

511 Brasil.
1250/1368/1369 working, with 1251 as reserve. 1370 awaiting overhaul.

515 Ciro Redondo.
1826 and 1829 in use on pilot and line duties. Other locos dumped or derelict.

517 Patria.
The museum operation now has 1563 and 1564 available for the tourist train, which is regularly in use with clients from Cayo Coco. Fireless 1169 from 506 is a static exhibit.

522 Venezuela.
Did this mill open this year or not? Cane was mainly transferred to other mills in the area, however during March, staff said that the mill was being used on some days and cane was being collected in the reception area for milling to commence. Both 1657 and 1742 were used on any duty even intermills. 1657 has acquired some horrendous 'go faster' plates in an attempt to turn it into Southern Pacific's No.4449 'Daylight'!

615 Bartolome Maso.
The mill has lost 1590 to Ranulfo Leyva, for them to set up the Granma province museum operation. Intermill politics have ruined an enthusiastic local operation.

635 Rafael Freyre.
The museum operation has got it's tourist train back into regular operation. 1882 built Baldwin 0-6-0 No.1 has been overhauled and was in regular use with 1907 built Baldwin 2-8-0 No.1388. Two locomotives with a combined age of 219 years and both in the pre-Revolutionary markings of Central Santa Lucia. 1387 is being overhauled. 1391 has taken up residence on the plinth. 1385 is likely to be scrapped.

Museums and Tourist Trains.
Havana's Cristina Station now boasts a museum with displays and locomotives:- Rogers 4-2-2 La Junta (moved from Central Station), Hershey electric 29 (20801), FCC diesels 61038, 61602, Minaz steam 1210, 1303, 1524 and a steam crane. Trains also run on an increasing number of disused sugar mill lines - Rafael Freyre near Guardalavaca, Patria near Cayo Coco, Pepito Tey and Mal Tiempo near Cienfuegos, and at weekends in Havana's Parque Lenin. There are also locomotives in museums at Manuel Martinez Prieto mill (Havana), Jose Smith Comas mill (Cardenas) and Marcelo Salado mill (Caibarien).

Parque Lenin.
Due to recommence operations late Spring after loco availability problems.

1517 operating almost daily on the tourist train. 1551 is now dumped in the yard of F.N.T.A. mill. It is owned by the F.C.C. and is likely to go to the Havana Cristina museum. 1432 (owned by Minaz) is dumped at F.N.T.A. mill and is reported to awaiting overhaul at the mill in order to take over from 1517.

Ferrocarriles de Cuba.
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