Alan Faulds Sculpture Gallery Title Graphic

The following are examples of sculptures by Scottish artist Alan Faulds.   All sculptures and descendant images, prints and photocopies are governed by international laws of copyright.   For further information, including details of any sculptures or copyrights to sculptures available for purchase, please email   

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The Jungle Trap - acf002lo.gif (11782 bytes) Sun and Rain - acf039loR.gif (5827 bytes) Parable of the Blind - BPlow03T.gif (4787 bytes) Bathers Playing with a Ball - acf0340loR.gif (4851 bytes) Regnabo, Regno, Regnavi - acf008lo.gif (11371 bytes)
The Lady in the Wireless - acf014loR.gif (5368 bytes) WaveHorse - acf018loT.gif (6566 bytes) Corry Vreckan - acf0380lo.gif (4014 bytes) The Elephant and the Stars - acf022lo.gif (5194 bytes) The Penitent - acf023loT.gif (4550 bytes)
Miss Kirsty The Circus Acrobat - acf004lo.gif (10199 bytes) Mrs Noah and the Unicorns - acf036loT.gif (5240 bytes) The First and Last Sailor - acf024loT.gif (3110 bytes) Light Skies Above? - acf037loT.gif (5522 bytes) Two Leg Table - acf007lo.gif (9874 bytes)
Mr Pill Becomes A Coffee Table - acf032lo.gif (6224 bytes) Jester - acf020lo.gif (6140 bytes) The Inside-out Box - acf134loR.gif (7208 bytes) Humpty Dumpty - acf019lo.gif (4216 bytes) The Procession - acf033lo.gif (6098 bytes)
Big Ears annd the Blue Rinse Mafia - acf003lo.gif (9256 bytes) Swallower of the Golden Sword - acf029lo.gif (5878 bytes) Zircus Dix - acf010loT.gif (3952 bytes) Fireater of Souls- acf030lo.gif (5438 bytes) The Thaw - acf006lo.gif (9961 bytes)


Zircus Dix is the collective name given by Alan to the group of polychromed wood sculptures and objects  he has produced in recent years.  This 'imaginary circus' has comprised acrobats, mountebanks, sword-swallowers, fire-eaters, jugglers, animal and human hybrids.

The framework of  Zircus Dix has allowed Alan to explore anything that interests him.  For example, an interest in medieval art has allowed Alan to pick up and rework traditional themes such as love, sex, death or fate, to name a few.   Or he might play with ideas of scale by using figures of different sizes for dramatic effect or to suggest importance.  Sometimes Alan will use symbols or objects which carry different layers of meaning - wings or a cup or an eye, however, he rarely tries to understand them on a conscious level.  Often he will use colour to heighten the final effect which can often be quirky, comic, sinister or even disturbing.


Terms and Conditions of Sculpture and/or Copyright Purchase 

A sculpture remains the property of the artist until payment for that sculpture is received in full and the Purchaser is notified that the payment has been accepted as transferring ownership of the sculpture to the Purchaser.  The Artist retains copyright of his work and all reproduction rights, unless copyright is purchased separately.  On receipt of full payment for copyright of a sculpture, a certificate confirming the transfer of copyright and all reproduction rights will be issued in favour of the Purchaser.

Unless otherwise requested, it is understood that should a sculpture be available for purchase, the Purchaser will organize and pay for packaging, freight and insurance costs from the Artists's studio in Lower Largo, Fife, Scotland, to the Purchaser's designated address.  A quotation for relocating a sculpture will be provided if requested, but no transportation arrangements will be made until both the purchase amount and the amount quoted for transportation are paid in full.  Every effort is made to ensure a sculpture arrives at its destination without damage or blemish, but as the Artist is not responsible for any accident sustained in transporting the sculpture, it is  recommended that the Purchaser have appropriate insurance cover in place before requesting shipment of a sculpture.


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