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" Parable of the Blind "






Big Ears and the Blue Rinse Mafia

Bathers Playing with a Ball

Corry Vreckan

Fireater of Souls

Humpty Dumpty


Light Skies Above?

Miss Kirsty - The Circus Acrobat

Mr Pill Becomes a Coffee Table

Mrs Noah and the Unicorns

Parable of the Blind

Regnabo, Regno, Regnavi

Sun and Rain

Swallower of the Golden Sword

The Elephant and the Stars

The First and Last Sailor

The Inside-out Box

The Jungle Trap

The Lady in the Wireless

The Penitent

The Procession

The Thaw

Two Leg Table


Zirkus Dix

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Featured Work of Art - "The Origin of the World" - Free Download

The Origin of the World - Acf013.gif (33701 bytes) The sculpture is inspired by the 1920's work of Salvador Dali.

This colourful work plays with ideas of scale with an acrobat balancing on a flapper emerging from an egg between a diminutive church tower and a towering waterfall.

The waterfall cascades from a surface that serves as a side-table. The sculpture is carved from red pine.


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